About Me


I’m Thomas, and I became interested in sewing because of my mother, who has been a seamstress her entire life.  She began sewing before she started 1st grade, sitting next to her grandmother at the treadle.  Here’s a cute, little video I made using her very first sewing machine that she got when she was 6 years old:

After bugging her to hem and alter my clothes enough times, she suggested I learn how to do it myself.  So I did!  After learning how to do simple alterations, I quickly moved on to making my own clothes.

I never have to buy another shirt, ever again!

I have been an aspiring artist all my life.  As a boy, I fell in love with drawing and painting, and pursued it through high school, where I was set to study art in college…

Instead, I earned a BS in Biology from the University of Oregon in 2000.  The next 15 years of my life were spent behind an electron microscope doing neuroscience research.

Not satisfied with that, however, several years ago I decided I need to get back to my artistic roots.  So, I returned to college for a post-baccalaureate in Music Composition at Portland State, where I studied vocal performance and composition.

And now this…

To me, the connecting thread here is my eye for detail.

In the laboratory, I had to slice tissue samples for the electron microscope at unbelievably small thicknesses–90 nanometers!  (To give you an idea of the scale, the smallest wavelength of visible light is around 350 nanometers.)  My ability to draw and paint from an early age came from the same eye for detail.  And nothing is as particular about details than writing and performing classical music.  Now, I have found an avenue where I can feast my eyes in detail with fashion and tailoring!

I took the advice from Joseph Campbell to follow my bliss, and have learned that success is measured by what’s in my heart.  I am grateful to have found mine!  And I’d love to share my joy with you, by making you look and feel your best.

Thanks!  Thomas Proctor